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Stainless Steel Strip

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 Product Description

1) Convenience in installation, it shortens working time and labor fees 

2) Neither air nor environment pollution while installing. With good effect For spacedividing and beautifying 

3) Re-cycled Material which is meet the environment protection policy in The world 

4) Using fire proof material to assure living safety 

5) Can be installed according to practical demands 6) The physical coefficients of all kinds frames are ready for customer and Designers'reference and request.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Light Steel Keel, used for the non-load-bearing wall system of vertical keel framework.  
Dimensions (mm) Packaging
Width Wingspan Thickness Length Quantity of contents Weight
50 50 0.60 3000/Customize 6 0.746
75 50 0.60 3000/Customize 6 0.882
100 50 0.60 3000/Customize 6 1.006